repairing permissions : accidental


World Premiere
The Gibney Center, NYC
May 8-11 2016

Repairing Permissions was presented along with Wow by Kelly Garfield as part of Gritt, a program initiative created by Gibney Dance Company.

A powerhouse work of 25 dancers, repairing permissions unpacked and upended the notion of building community.

This piece was created to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Gibney Dance Company

CHOREOGRAPHY Mariangela Lopez
MUSIC by Jason Grisell
COSTUMES by Christiane Joy
PERFORMERS Alexeya Eyma-Maderson, Andrew Magazine, Natsuki Arai, Amy Miller, Rishauna Zumberg, Vanessa Vargas, Liz montgomery, Hanna Newman, Hannah Welch, Sarah Zielinski, SamSam Yung, Julieta Valero, Stephanie Beauchamp, Caitlin Thurgood, Denise Rogers Valenzuela, Leigh Atwell, Caroline McAuliffe, Jennae Santos, Brandon Welch, Nigel Campbell, Zave Martohardjono, Ryan Yamuachi, Salma Abdel Salam, Jessica Ray, Vincent Arzola